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Russell's self-replicating raspberries canes. 8 plants for $40 free-shipping or 24 plants for $80 free-shipping

24 raspberry plants are included in both the food forest starter bundles ($245.99 and $445.99)

The mice got some of it, but that is a _lot_ of brussel sprout herloom seed.

You don't go to war with the tests that you want (unit, integration, functional, or synthetic), you go to war with the tests that you've got.

In response to "there are no tests". We should figure out the best path to one test.

I used about 150 gallons of water today in my garden. I'll be doing that steady for the next couple weeks while I get my potted up plants into the ground and established into garden beds, on contact and mixed with native soils and lots of compost added to the top of soil like a top dressing.

My hose pumps 1 gallon every 10 seconds, I watered for 25 minutes. Not bad for the start of the season.

You can grow food at your house. High calorie crops like potatoes. You have the ability to put water anywhere on your property, on-demand, as much as you need, using a garden hose. Plant some fruit trees dammit. Let's take back our food system! Search out people already doing this in your region for particular crops to hyper focus on.

Let's go! (Fog horn)

My first time trying to grow mushrooms, they fruited spontaneously without me knowing it, I think my daughter got the box wet maybe? Anyways I tossed a few in a homemade soup and they taste excellent! So I'm going to try to salvage this kit, and then make some " totems" with some of the freshly cut white oak rounds I have at the top of my property. Would be really cool if I could grow my own mushrooms from this point out. Inoculate all the things!

My face when I realized I could use my engineering, mathematician, get stuff done mindset, and use it to make food grow around me without my intervention.

During my lockdown I successfully convinced my neighbor to the left of me to replace his water heater with one of these, took him only 2 days between his own research and install to have it completed!

Got 10 yards of fresh woodchips for free! Tipped the workers $35. This is $250-350 worth of chips! thank you neighbor 2 doors down for your contribution!

I have a handful of apples and peaches bearing fruit. Yeilded 50 peaches and about 5 apples. The trees are 8 years old now, planted when they were 4.

Also hundreds of raspberry canes and strawberry plants. About 7 grape vines at year 5.

Top setting onions (walking onions). Parsnip, leaks, potatoes, lettuce, raddish, and snow peas.

Have some Wineberry and autumn olives that pioneeres on my land.

I'm hoping my 8 year old plum trees and 5 year old pawpaws bare fruit.

Stuck at home from covid-2019? You can make seedling and potting mix for free.

Recipe: 1:1 vermin compost and sifted 2 year old wood chips

Mix well, cook together on low to remove any excess moisture.

Serve with 1 bag of corn chips.

Serves 2 as a meal or 4 as an appitizer!

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