Summer compost bin to protect food scraps from rodents, especially useful when I don't have enough carbon.

Guiding road runoff into a gentle stream

Proper rain water management during the wet season helps fortify the land against summer drought. We can hold water in barrels but more importantly we can hold water in the landscape!

For this to work we need to slow water, spread water, and sink water.

Pair that with deep mulches and a lot of biomass and you'll have a system which rarely needs irragation.

Help soil life recover after a potatoe harvest, protect the soil over Winter, & ready the bed for planting the following Spring!

This video is jammed-packed full of theory and practice. I show you the entire process of harvesting and healing the land after a hard till and landscape rework.

Since my potatoes harvest actions damage tbe soil I always try to stack functions and reshape the garden landscape! In this case I build a mini swale and burm.

Over winter hot composting oak leaves without gas or shredding.

In this experiment, we show the process of hot composting oak leaves, in the winter, without shredding or using gasoline.

Our biggest problem is finding enough nitrogen to offset the carbon.

I the next episode I'll be on the hunt for nitrogen sources to layer into the pile.

Plant hardneck garlic in the Autumn, 6 to 8 inches deep, 6 inches apart, using a stick to drill holes into the soil. Separate garlic cloves and plant one in each hole, roots facing down, tip facing up.

Fertilize with manure or compost and water well to start the rooting process for a high yield of thick garlic heads with many cloves.

The Phantom Deck Bar Build is finished! (Perfection is the enemy of completion)

Thanks for watching this final part 3:

Garlic, if you can cook with it, you can definitely grow it.

Check out my latest video on the last step of growing garlic: how I harvest and preserve garlic. It's easy, if you eat it, you should consider growing it to reduce imports from abroad.

Also selling:

Russell's self-replicating raspberries canes. 8 plants for $40 free-shipping or 24 plants for $80 free-shipping

24 raspberry plants are included in both the food forest starter bundles ($245.99 and $445.99)

The mice got some of it, but that is a _lot_ of brussel sprout herloom seed.

I used about 150 gallons of water today in my garden. I'll be doing that steady for the next couple weeks while I get my potted up plants into the ground and established into garden beds, on contact and mixed with native soils and lots of compost added to the top of soil like a top dressing.

My hose pumps 1 gallon every 10 seconds, I watered for 25 minutes. Not bad for the start of the season.

My first time trying to grow mushrooms, they fruited spontaneously without me knowing it, I think my daughter got the box wet maybe? Anyways I tossed a few in a homemade soup and they taste excellent! So I'm going to try to salvage this kit, and then make some " totems" with some of the freshly cut white oak rounds I have at the top of my property. Would be really cool if I could grow my own mushrooms from this point out. Inoculate all the things!

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