I wrote a blog post showing how to pre-sign HTTP POST and GET requests for clients to have direct access to private @DigitalOcean Spaces


@jplock congrats on your move to The Hartford! Working remotely?

I removed an old deck and put two garden beds in it's place today. I'm working on the third which is nearly triple in size of the other two.

Harvesting lettuce, onions, and cilantro for taco night dinner! I harvest the outside leaves and leave the plant to produce more!

Just harvested the lawn as mulch. Enjoying a beer in the garden. Think I'll try to meditate.

Sorry I have been idle on here all. I have not been feeling like myself lately and I'm not really sure why.

A place cannot be boring. Only people can be boring.

@mastohost no rush but it looks like integration is in the works with Keybase.io!

Going Axe Throwing at Blue Ox in Connecticut

I'm exiting the stock market right now to lock in my gains. I have too much uncertainty and I'd rather hang out on the side lines for a bit.

Happy that cutting down those trees is already paying me back. My solar production for March 2019 equals my solar production for April 2018!

I planted out the rest of my potatoes today. I also uncovered the strawberriers and put the mulch on the potato bed. It's always amusing how if you figure out the order of operations, there really isn't much waste in the garden.

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