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Huge announcement, Remarkbox is now pay what you can!

To hear why check out this my essay over here:

I AM in a Beginning!

I have open sourced both my SaaS web apps & gifted to the public domain!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

I love you all!

A Proud Plague Rat Leeches From A Rotten Culture, A Voluntary Rat Divides The Rotten For New Growth.

The Rat true to nature, was blamed and condeemed a Plague Rat, and tortured forever more by cyans.

#OtD 6 Dec 1928 the banana massacre took place in Ciénaga, Colombia, when soldiers killed up to 2,000 striking workers of the United Fruit Co and their wives and children who were fighting for a day off per week and pay in money rather than coupons.

Lock downs become Lock outs. Society is fracturing in two, the war is here and the center did not hold. I will now only associate with people who push for Truth, Freedom, and Love. The deplatformed and cancelled will build a parallel society.

Paths Forward, Per Christian Resistance:

1. Fighting
2. Building
3. Repentance

If you are a builder, please read the latest essay

Learning about how to best system administrate Gitlab, I'll likely end up building a custom contraption to pop out omnibus installs of the service, just-in-time or on-demand. Click favorite if this sounds interesting to you or if you wanna support building it.

Hello Adventurer, please take and eat these small red berries & spit out the seed. This food grows abundantly in nature. Bring a bucket and collect along road side disturbance and forest edged trails. Harvest in Autumn: The Great Autumn Olive!

With 5 of 6 Leghorn Hens in production I've started my search for viable ways to feed the girls something to boost their health. I've decided my best course of action will increase access to calcium using a makeshift temporary reclaimed solar oven made out of the temperature hardened glass of a refrigerator shelf. I will cook the egg shells for a couple of hours and then grind the shells for grit supplemental feed!

Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichoke) are a high calorie food crop which yields extremely well in hot or cold climates. Plant in Autumn, from roots harvested that year or in the Spring from fresh dug roots. Store in soil over winter & disturb only for harvests.

Designed Systems High Carbon Wood Chips Naturally via Fungi Mycelium networks which break down tree lignin over 5-15 years & native soils to produce a perfect Food Forest Growing Mix. Forest grow on top of dead trees, after all!

GROWING PAWPAW TREES WITH ZERO INPUTS - Once Established Hugelkulture Feeds & Waters A Food Forest!

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