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Over winter hot composting oak leaves without gas or shredding.

In this experiment, we show the process of hot composting oak leaves, in the winter, without shredding or using gasoline.

Our biggest problem is finding enough nitrogen to offset the carbon.

I the next episode I'll be on the hunt for nitrogen sources to layer into the pile.

Plant hardneck garlic in the Autumn, 6 to 8 inches deep, 6 inches apart, using a stick to drill holes into the soil. Separate garlic cloves and plant one in each hole, roots facing down, tip facing up.

Fertilize with manure or compost and water well to start the rooting process for a high yield of thick garlic heads with many cloves.

unturf italian cuisine: a lazy guide to perfect tomato sauce, every time

good evening. im new here. kinda pissed at facebook and wanting a better platform to be on

The Phantom Deck Bar Build is finished! (Perfection is the enemy of completion)

Thanks for watching this final part 3:

Today I coin the term "Phantom Bar" and I show you all the process of building one..

Let me know what you think so far!

This is going to be an epic "standing desk" when I'm finished but also looking for ideas on bar stools next. I'll need like 8 of them. New, repurposed, or refinished, give me your suggestions.

Can I outsmart a determined squirrel from eating _all_ of my sunflower seeds? The squirrels keep eating my immature corn and sunflowers and this is one of my last plants, will I be able to protect it?

Autumn Harvest Begins, Checkout this first person view of the fun!

No tools, no problem! Using the lift method you can harvest Eggplants without hurting yourself or the plant all without any tools!

Just uploaded a video showing the right way to pick Eggplants and how we preserve our bountiful harvest!

A food forest is always changing - we must learn to flow with nature.

Why a food forest is an obvious solution to sustenance farming at any scale!

Checkout my 5 year old food forest and start your own.

Want to get into growing food but don't know where to start?

Try growing basil!

In this video I show all the steps needed to use the built-in behavior of basil to easily 10x your yield from a single plant.

Spoiler: it involves cloning!

Garlic, if you can cook with it, you can definitely grow it.

Check out my latest video on the last step of growing garlic:

@sajith hello friend!

Yes, please follow along as much as you can! I'm going to try to document as much as I know on what works and doesn't work in my context.

Is there any topic in particular that you would like covered? how I harvest and preserve garlic. It's easy, if you eat it, you should consider growing it to reduce imports from abroad.

Interested in learning sales?

I found an old 99 page book on The Internet Archive that is easy to read and follow along even though it was written and published so long ago.

Check it out here:

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